Spectro Audio Igo (S.A.I.)

Have you ever wondered what your extra curricular day might look like? S.A.I. provides an overview of a user's web browsing, music listening, and game playing. Tooltips and Song relations: visualizes daily activities alongside music listening data. iGOvis: graphs the moves played in a board game. SpectroVis: visualizes a webpage color from a user's browsing history. S.I.A.: a combination of Tooltips, iGOvis, and SpectroVis to compare these daily activities.
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Comparing Website Analytics with Gaming and Travel Data

As part of a CPSC 583 course at the University of Calgary, Sam Lu created three distinct visualizations to keep track of personal data, then later combined these visualizations as a whole. The first project visualizes search engine referrals to Sam's personal website. The second project graph EA NHL 12 hockey stats such as the time on ice, number of slap shots taken, and the points scored thought the game. Thirdly, Sam created a Calgary Transit commute log to keep track of where and when transit travel occurred. To tie these projects together, Sam created spheres to represent how the temporal data overlapped. He then created icons to represent the NHL hockey stats. Each new visualization was then morphed together to create a final interface to compare each data set side-by-side.
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