Spectro Audio Igo (S.A.I.)

Have you ever wondered what your extra curricular day might look like? S.A.I. provides an overview of a user's web browsing, music listening, and game playing. Tooltips and Song relations: visualizes daily activities alongside music listening data. iGOvis: graphs the moves played in a board game. SpectroVis: visualizes a webpage color from a user's browsing history. S.I.A.: a combination of Tooltips, iGOvis, and SpectroVis to compare these daily activities.
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Sound Bottle

SOUND BOTTLE is experimental sound medium that transforms recorded everyday sounds into music. Allows anyone to create music using sounds from daily life. The controls "Record" "Save" "Mix" "Play" and "Delete" are controlled through physical actions. Sound project that creates a musical possibility and an innovation through contact with a sensuous sound. – Jun Fujiwara
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We believe that a 'casual information visualization' approach can prove valuable for making this personal information available to their creators. In this paper we analyze the data domain of listening histories and present our findings on their structure and what possible user tasks and available patterns it might contain. Additional contextual information can trigger the memory of the user to reveal the reasons for listening decisions. As a second contribution, we give an overview of LastHistory, a visualization of personal listening his- tories from that not only allows sophisticated analysis of the underlying data in a non-threatening way, but is also able to show contextual information in the form of photos and calendar entries to help the user remember this time of his or her life. – Dominikus Baur
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