As part of a CPSC 583 course at the University of Calgary, David Ledo created three distinct visualizations to keep track of personal data, then later combined these visualizations as a whole. Timeline: visualizes daily activities as in a timeline, colourized based on the type of activity taking place. TubeMap: visualizes locations logged throughout the day, the connection between these locations based on where you are going to and coming from, and the time spent at a particular place. MessageWaves: visualizes a messages that have been sent and received from various sources organized by contacts. In this visualization is is possible to see how many characters have been sent at a time, and makes it easy to compare messaging patterns between contacts LifeTraces: a combination of Timeline, TubeMap, and MessageWaves to provide a birds eye view of daily activities.
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Good Night SMS

Being in a long distance relationship requires a thoughtful way of communication. A text message as a rudimental and reliable fragment at the end of every day, that you don’t see each other, helps to make oneself more tangible, but also to reflect happenings like a diary would do. As a gift for our second anniversary I visualised my SMS in form of a necklace for my former girlfriend. – Paul Heinicker
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