The Person I Am

As part of a CPSC 583 course at the University of Calgary, Javier López-Montenegro Ramil created three distinct visualizations to keep track of personal data, then later created an interface to interlock these visualizations together. Javier asked himself three questions, and created visualizations for each question. We are what we eat and what we do. The first visualization logs calorie intake, class time, eating trends, and sleeping patterns. The second visualization provides insight into how late or early Javier is to class based on the weather, and shows Javier's travel speed. Thirdly, Javier tracks where his Facebook contacts are located around the globe. In the final visualization combines all three visualizations to provide a birds eye view of the answers to the above three questions.
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Knitting Personal Data

Yes, you'll need yarn, needles and basic knitting skills. But most importantly, you'll need a sense of whimsy and adventure. These surprising patterns will inspire you to look out your window, ride the subway and converse with your next-door neighbor. They will have you re-reading your favorite book and feeding a pocketful of coins into the gumball machine in front of your supermarket. In order to knit these unique one-of-a-kind garments, you'll be sent out into the world – and deep within your heart – turning something as simple as a scarf into an unexpectedly storied object. – Leafcutter Designs
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Technology makes it easy to turn the minutiae of our daily lives into useful data sets, but sometimes it feels bleak seeing every experience or memory broken down into pie charts and bar graphs. mem:o is a unique visualization tool that takes life-logging beyond spreadsheets by transforming data into striking images influenced by Dutch graphic design. The iPad app is free for download and includes two boards, with the option of adding more boards via an in-app purchase. - TechCrunch
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