Immersion is an invitation to dive into the history of your email life in a platform that offers you the safety of knowing that you can always delete your data. Just like a cubist painting, Immersion presents users with a number of different perspectives of their email data. It provides a tool for self-reflection at a time where the zeitgeist is one of self-promotion. It provides an artistic representation that exists only in the presence of the visitor. It helps explore privacy by showing users data that they have already shared with others. Finally, it presents users wanting to be more strategic with their professional interactions, with a map to plan more effectively who they connect with. – Immersion Project
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Mood Panda

MoodPanda helps you track how you're feeling, with personal analysis, visualisations and interpretations of your mood, and a lovely, friendly and anonymous community of people there to support you if you need them. – Jake Greenwood
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Sound Bottle

SOUND BOTTLE is experimental sound medium that transforms recorded everyday sounds into music. Allows anyone to create music using sounds from daily life. The controls "Record" "Save" "Mix" "Play" and "Delete" are controlled through physical actions. Sound project that creates a musical possibility and an innovation through contact with a sensuous sound. – Jun Fujiwara
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