Spectro Audio Igo (S.A.I.)

Have you ever wondered what your extra curricular day might look like? S.A.I. provides an overview of a user's web browsing, music listening, and game playing. Tooltips and Song relations: visualizes daily activities alongside music listening data. iGOvis: graphs the moves played in a board game. SpectroVis: visualizes a webpage color from a user's browsing history. S.I.A.: a combination of Tooltips, iGOvis, and SpectroVis to compare these daily activities.
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Personal Budget, Travel, and Word Visualization

As part of a CPSC 583 course at the University of Calgary, Marcial Russo created three distinct visualizations to keep track of personal data, then later combined these visualizations as a whole. The first visualization analyses budget data and compares different spending categories. The second visualization compares travel times, based on various factors. The third visualization displays words used in various university classes.
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Every Day Of My Life

Every Day of My Life is a visualization of my computer usage statistics from the last 2.5 years. Each line represents one day and each colorful block is the most foreground app running at the given moment. Black areas are periods when my computer is not turned on. Seeping patterns (or lack of them) and time of holidays and travel (longer gaps) can be therefore easily identified. – Marcin Ignac
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Good Night SMS

Being in a long distance relationship requires a thoughtful way of communication. A text message as a rudimental and reliable fragment at the end of every day, that you don’t see each other, helps to make oneself more tangible, but also to reflect happenings like a diary would do. As a gift for our second anniversary I visualised my SMS in form of a necklace for my former girlfriend. – Paul Heinicker
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The Examined Life

I have meticulously recorded my daily actions for a total of 40 days. Everything I have done has been organized into 6 categories and brought to life through color and form. Patterns and contrast emerge through visualization, providing permanence to previously transient data and facilitating a new level of self-awareness.
The physical presence of these forms symbolizes the knowledge gained by collecting and analyzing the data. Data are abstract; they have no physical presence and no inherent structure, but our brains evolved to understand the real world, not abstract concepts. By making data tangible, it changes the way we understand and interact with it, augmenting our minds’ ability to grasp digital and mathematical abstractions. – Alex Getty
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Wheel of Worry

Andrew Kuo presents his inner worries, arguments, counterarguments, and obsessions in the form of charts and graphs. In the three-tiered graph my Wheel of Worry, originally published in the May 16. 2010, New York Times Magazine, Kuo illustrates the things in his life that concern him and his specific feelings about each. On the graph’s innermost ring Kuo shows what causes him anxiety in the moments before sleep (loneliness, death, money, bedbugs, and the new York Knicks); in the middle ring he charts his very specific reactions to his credit card statement; on the outermost ring, what he thinks about as he scratches a lottery ticket. In this chart and others, Kuo brings the graphic language of scientific fact to the irrational emotions associated with everyday life. – Brain Pickings
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